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Only 5 speeding tickets were issued in Scotland County, Missouri in October 2012 according to a Missouri Ticket Lawyer survey. This placed Scotland County 111th out of all 115 Missouri counties and 82nd per capita. With 136 Highway (US-136) running through Arbella, Granger and Memphis and Missouri Route 15 (MO-15) running between Memphis and the Iowa border this total might be a little bit higher in other months.

Scotland County speeding tickets are usually processed through the Fine Collection Center (FCC) in Jefferson City. You can access their website here. If you have received an FCC ticket, then you have 30 days to either plead guilty by paying the fine or to plead not guilty and challenge the ticket. A not guilty plea is the usual option for motorists who have hired an attorney and for those who plan on appearing before the Scotland County judge in Memphis, Missouri themselves. There are benefits to hiring a traffic defense attorney to handle a speeding ticket in that they might be able to keep a conviction off of your record while simultaneously keeping you out of court.

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