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In October 2012, Marion County saw 69 speeding tickets issued through the Fine Collection Center (FCC.) Their website can be found here. This placed Marion County 41st among all 115 Missouri counties for speeding tickets issued and 49th per capita according to a survey performed by Missouri Ticket Lawyer. Most of the speeding tickets issued in Marion County were for speeds of 11-15 mph and 16-19 mph over the posted limit. These are predominately for motorists traveling on 24 highway (US-24) near Palmyra, 61 Highway (US-61) near Hannibal, and Highway 36 (US-36) between Hannibal and Monroe City. With 3 major highways crossing through Marion County it shouldn’t be a surprise that many motorists find themselves of a law firm that practices traffic law defense.

If you have been issued a FCC speeding ticket or traffic citation, you have 3 options:
1. Plead guilty to the FCC and have a conviction on your driving record. This will also add 3 points to your Missouri driver’s license and potentially cause your insurance rates to jump.
2. Plead not guilty to the FCC and appear in front of a judge at Marion County Courthouse in Hannibal
3. Hire a law firm that practices speeding ticket and traffic law defense in Marion County like Missouri Ticket Lawyer.

Missouri Ticket Lawyer has experience keeping our clients driving records clean after they have received a speeding ticket. In most cases, our clients never have to appear in court or even drive to our office for a consultation. If you would like a free phone consultation with an attorney who practices traffic law in Marion County, call our office at (573) 567-0737 or fill out this form.

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