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In October 2012, 13 speeding tickets were issued in Monroe County by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This placed Monroe County 101st out of all 115 Missouri counties and 69th per capita. Most of these speeding tickets were issued for speeds of 11-15 mph and 16-19 mph over the posted limit. The most likely places in Monroe County to be issued a speeding ticket are on 24 Highway (US-24) near Madison, Monroe City, Paris, and Mark Twain State Park and on Missouri Route 15 (MO-15). Speeding Tickets issued on these Monroe County highways are processed through the Fine Collection Center (FCC) and will add 3 points to your Missouri driver’s license. You can access the FCC’s website here.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket by the Monroe County Sheriff or the Missouri State Highway Patrol, you will have 30 days to either plead guilty and pay the fine or to plead not guilty and challenge the ticket. Pleading guilty will place a conviction on your driving record, add points to your license and probably cause your insurance rates to spike. If you plead not guilty, you will be given a court date to appear in front of the judge at Monroe County Courthouse in Paris, Missouri.

Missouri Ticket Lawyer has experience defending our clients for speeding tickets and traffic violations in Monroe County. We have had success keeping our client’s driving record clean without our clients ever having to appear in court. In most cases, all our clients have needed to do is talk with our law firm over the phone and authorize Missouri Ticket Lawyer to begin fighting their ticket. If you would like a free consultation for your Monroe County speeding ticket, please call (573) 567-0737 or fill out this form.

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