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Adair County is home to Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Many students and other motorists are ticketed traveling on US-63 through Adair County as it passes through Kirksville. On average, 50 speeding tickets are issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Adair County Sheriffs each month. This is the 56th highest average among all Missouri counties and 61st per capita. Most tickets are issued for speeds of 11-15 mph and 16-19 mph over the posted speed limit. If you have received a ticket through the FCC (Fine Collection Center) in Adair County, a guilty plea (paying the fine is considered a guilty plea) will add 3 points to your Missouri Driver’s License. These points are usually added to out-of-state driver’s driving record as well.

Missouri Ticket Lawyer represents clients who have received speeding tickets and traffic citations in Kirksville and surrounding Adair County. In almost all cases, all a potential client will need to do is call our office to have their ticket amended so that it does not affect their driving record. No court appearance or trip to an attorney’s office is necessary to keep your record clean! Please call our office at (573) 567-0737 or fill out this form for a free consultation!

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