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In 2011, Ashland Municipal Police issued 312 traffic citations. No statistics are available as to how many of these traffic citations were for speeding tickets, moving violations etc. A municipal speeding ticket conviction in Ashland or anywhere else in Missouri is going to add 2 points to your license as opposed to the 3 points that an FCC speeding ticket from the state highway patrol would add. If you simply plead guilty to a City of Ashland speeding ticket or moving violation then 2-3 points will be added to your license and your insurance rates may increase. To access more information, please visit City of Ashland.

Missouri Ticket Lawyer LLC has experience resolving speeding tickets and moving violations in a way that keeps points off your license and your insurance rates low. In almost all cases, we can resolve things without you ever having to appear in court or even visit our office. Please call our office at (573) 567-0737 or fill out this form for a free consultation!

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