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How to protect your license

Call 1-(573) 567-0737 or fill out the form below and we can provide you with a quote once we learn a little bit more about your situation (i.e. Jurisdiction, Speed, Circumstances, & Past Driving Record.)

All we need to get started is your consent, contact info, ticket #, jurisdiction and your driver's license #.

We will enter a "Not Guilty" plea on your behalf and will request that the Prosecution provide us with all of the evidence they intend to use against you.

Once we receive the police report, etc. we will talk with the prosecution and negotiate for an amended charge that will allow you to avoid points on your license and increased insurance rates.

Once we have an amended charge, you will need to submit payment, the new fine for the amended charge and court costs. You can do this by mailing a check or by paying with a credit or debit card. If it is necessary to file a guilty plea for an amended charge with the court, we will either e-mail, fax or mail the document to you so that you can read, sign and send it back to us.

You will almost never have to leave your house to keep points off of your license!

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